Beneath the surface of Bryn’s work is a multidisciplinary allegory that documents and showcases the continuing autobiography of a figure who unapologetically blurs the lines between artist and inquisitor.

Ranging from the child-like innocence of his doodle-scapes to the emotional complexity that features in his digital works, Bryn’s varying compositions pose the question “What would the world look like if everybody, regardless of age or ability, were to imagine, create and document their art?”

Exploring themes of identity, emotional maturity and communication, Bryn welcomes interpretation and commentary as he continually challenges the perception of both artist and viewer.

As much a musician as he is a visual artist, Bryn is arguably more qualified as the former following a two year scholarship with Leeds College of Music. It was here that Bryn would first challenge his own concept of identity and begin exploring a variety of mediums in which to document his findings.


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